Manager Readme

What Is This?

People can’t read others minds and there can be a disconnect between the manager and his employees where it isn’t clear what is expected from them and what they think is expected from them. It is also often the case where employees don’t know what is expected from the manager and what exactly does he do.

This document describes how I work with people near me and what are my expectations. In short: what is my management style. It is intended for you, employees under my management to better understand me.

My Job

My role as a manager is to take care of your and the team well-being, so everyone comes satisfied to work every day and that we’re heading in the same direction. It must be clear to everyone what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. I also keep an oversight that the team performs as best it can, delivering shippable work that customers need and that established processes are working and being followed.

I believe everyone must have the chance for self-development, to perfect their craftsmanship and have the ability to grow, professionally and personally. My job is to enable this with mentorship, promotions or other means.

Your Job

Your job is to deliver testable code in a timely manner that is shippable to our customers.

What I Value

I value professionalism, honesty, and dedication the most. Even if someone doesn’t perform as expected but is dedicated, honest and willing to learn, I’m there to help.

I’m a strong believer that every employee is a representative of the company and must take care that company values are followed and protected.

My Expectations

Work/life Balance

Feeling tired and overworked? Please don’t hesitate to bring this up to me and I’m sure we’ll figure something out. Development should take place at a sustainable pace and I take burnout very serious. If I see you’re close to the edge, I’ll send you home. Your health is more important than hitting that milestone!

I’m a big proponent of work/life balance. Now, I won’t lie, there might be a certain situation or job positions that would require you to be available even outside work hours. And when I talk about situations I mean hell-is-loose-situations. Otherwise, there’s really no reason for you to work outside working hours or respond to any emails from me.

Want To Talk?

If you want to talk, personally or professionally, I’m always there for you. Do you have a conflict with others you can’t resolve? Please, talk to me. Are you unsatisfied with what you work, not challenged enough or don’t know why you’re doing the things you do? Please, talk to me. Unsatisfied with your compensation, need a day off? Please, talk to me.

Reach me via Slack, email, make a calendar appointment or just tap me on the shoulders.

It’s very important for me to know how you feel in our offices, I might help.

You’ll have a scheduled one-on-one talk with me every week where we will talk about you. The talk is not a performance review but a chance for you to give me your feedback about everything you like, including my performance.

Besides the regular one-to-one talks, there are half-year reviews where we’ll talk about your performance, personal objectives and your current position in the company.

My Personal Quirks


I love feedback: please give me a lot of it (especially things you think I can do better).